Friday, 30 September 2016

Barefoot and Bearing

We were at the cottage years ago when a local First Nations woman approached us on the deck barefoot and bearing her goods. I bought these Cowry shell earrings and I love them because they are handmade and local but especially because of their ties to our First Nations women.

The Cowry shell was traditionally used as a form of  trade currency (shell money) in many parts of the world (Asia, Africa, India, Australia- all over.). My sister and her family just got back from Attawapiskat First Nations where some of the at-risk girls taught her and my nieces some beading techniques. They have made the most beautiful jewellery. My sister has promised she will teach me the ways soon. I'm not the craftiest gal (but the old lady in me is, and she is getting feisty). I love the idea of traditions being passed down through the hands of women. One step at a girl at a woman at a time.

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