Thursday, 29 September 2016


Verses in Season began not as a blog, but as the title for a compilation of poetry I wrote. Last fall I took a poetry course and our first assignment was to write in the style of Kahlil Gibran's classic, 'The Prophet.' I know his work well and I knew it would be a challenge. I wasn't anywhere near comfortable trying to emulate his style. His work is far too superb for us amateurs to compare with! Nonetheless, I was excited and I gave it my best shot. 

Time is the primordial promise; universal oath.
Sun and moon in cosmic union
Painting the sky in definitive tones: fever red and ocean blue,
It's fragrance is the air.

Time passes on the wings of our days and the breaths of our nights,
Pages turned in ancient story,
A map etched in our earthly bodies,
A traveller shrouded in season and skin.

Time is the language of the earth
The morning songbird and nighttime orchestra
Summon us to attend time's sacred show.
It is the infant's cry, released from the womb and delivered into the hands of fate-
A journey full of quiet promise, though tomorrow beckons with a deafening call and it's voice is never far from our dreams.

Time is the impermanent stone, a treasure to hold,
Though it escapes through the crevices of our memory
Like sand through curled palm.

Time rushes like a wave to the shore,
Bathing us in ghostly tide and restless storm;
As wind and rain move through ancestral bones
Ashes and mist are left in it's wake.

For time is the breath of life,
The stillness of death,
And the memory of love.

Just as time wears the cloak of today,
Tomorrow bears the shadow of yesterday.

By: Lindsay Ronald

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